A Space for nurturing little Yogi Souls

Kids Yoga Wellness is a new venture and I am very excited to be bringing this to my local community. My goal is to introduce children to Yoga and hope this is the start of a life long tradition of sharing and practicing yoga in your family and creating a space where children learn, share, grow and enjoy. 

Why Kids yoga? Yoga gives the gift of joy. Children experience a full body workout through creative play, engaging themes, storytelling and music while learning traditional yoga poses and is a very effective way of developing flexibility, strength and focus for both body and mind. Children are nurtured in a non-competitive environment that teaches them how to move away from the ego and operate from an authentic heart space. This, together with mindfulness and self awareness, develops the child to be authentic in his/her own well being. The practice of breath work and meditation will help improve concentration and resilience.


Other Benefits:

* Relieves stress & anxiety

* Boosts Self Confidence

* Feel grounded and safe

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